Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was hectic - these pictures don't even do it justice! Aside from the business calls, late dinners, television shows, and relaxation, we were eating up every chance we could get to spend some quality time together. Henceforth the Easter egg hunt, egg-decorating session at Kristens, Hannah Montana movie, and Easter Day dinner. For squeezing all that in a three-day timeslot, we're considered LUCKY.
First off was the Lamb family easter egg hunt at the Rose's. Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Scott can throw quite a party! At first nobody seemed too interested in ditching the backyard and heading to the front to give us some time to hide the eggs, but after much persistance, they were off. Talmage did exact calculations to see who-got-how-many, and without a flurry, the competition began. here's us on Easter day. How cute!! Two minutes before church, straggling around, yelling and screaming. I don't know about you, but I DETEST being late to things. It's embarassing and you feel like an idiot walking in even twenty seconds into it. Ugh!
But otherwise, we're cute and sweet and this picture is adorable :)
Here's the little girls at the Easter Egg hunt. We had to comment on how a) everyone is wearing pink or a very close shade of pink..and b) how it resembles the Cingular bars!
L-R: Susan Lamb, Arden Lamb, Rachel Rose, Emma Lamb.. cute cousins!!

This picture is irresistable: Ethan and Emma are so darned cute!!

Aside from that, our Friday was spent at Kristens decorating eggs! We love dying easter eggs - it's such a thrill and too much fun for the kids. Kristen is a great aunt! And we all got to see baby Roman! Melissa is one heck of a mother!
During their fun hour, I was at the Hannah Montana movie with my friends, Kaitlyn, Hannah, Cebrina, Taylor-Ann, and Jessica. Thanks girls!!

Birthday Overload!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Two very special chillings TRANSFORMED!! Our crazy current baby girl (Emma.) and the extremely slick second-oldest (Tal).
I love this picture - it shows a) how TAN Tal is! and b) how they really are - Tal's basketball jersey, Emma's pioneer dress and apron with semi-curled hair (she runs out in the middle of my beautician business..UGH!!). These two kiddos took a giant leap! Tal got his Arrow of Light (post for another time), and Emma just got closer to being a TEENAGER. Wow, that sounded scary! Sorry, Mom, I know that's just a little too much for you. I mean, she's only five! I didn't get a birthday pic on my Mom's camera, but I have mine here so here's a little preview about Emma:
-she's fiesty
-she's crazy
-she won't back down unless she gets things done HER way
-if she doesn't get things her way...she just throws a GIANT fit until you give it to her.
-she's hilarious
Tal turned the big 11! On April 6! (PS, Emma was April 30th)
The cake DOES say "Happy 11th Homey!!"
we couldn't exactly find any other theme, so we stuck with the whole gangster thing. Tal was pretty psyched about it :) it was a great cake --chocolate, of course-- and Tal enjoyed the day.

Here's T posing with his ultimate favorite toy, his Nintendo DS (he's been begging!)
The DS was pricey, so he didn't get too many other presesnts, but had a great day and we're glad he's one year older! AGAIN--another boy almost a teenager!! Just wait!!

Phases, Stages, Faces?

Dun-du-du-dun!! Please brace yourself for the daily phases/stages/faces of Emma! Semi bipolar, I assume. Her recent mixed feelings have given my entire family whiplash..what a character! It's all fun and games until...well, you know.
1) Angry/Didn't-Get-What-I-Want: This is a classic! We've been toppled over by this face for the past five years (did I mention that Em turned five?). It's her angry face, or simply the didn't-get-what-i-wanted face that really leaved us confused. How does she pull that off? 2) Ditsy!: this one is something we exhibit almost every day. If not more, of course. Emma's extremely psychotic (in a very good way!). This face just proves that she is "ditsy and quirky and beyond girly"... we usually get this face when she's trying to get out of something.

3) The Emma Face: This is just Emma being.. Emma..
There's only three?? Well, trust me, there's MANY more.. I just don't have the time and energy. Oops!

Some Emma-isms?
1) "no mommy. it was the baby--not me!"
2) "i just want somebody to understand me!"
3) "addie--get me an orange or you're FIRED"
4) "addie, your phone wants you!"
5) "get that corn outta my face!" (that one is from Nacho Libre. We're admirable.)