Saturday, August 23, 2008

These two girls are the light of the show. Bringing to the competition grace, flexiblity, and absolute POWER, they dominated in a tight squeeze. Might I recognize Nastia's one gold, two silver, and one bronze as a wonderful accomplishment. I watched every single event - down from the team competition to the all-around finals. Go, Nastia! Poor Alicia Sacramone, with her unfortunate misses, did not have the as-successsful empowerment as the tall, bright, and graceful Nastia Liukin, and the short, stouty, and poppy Shawn Johnson. USA won silver, but might I add they got beat by a couple of thirteen year old Olympic amateurs via the Chinese. Floor and beam were the hardest - yet the most riveting - to watch. Nastia's entirely wonderful uneven bars routine resulted to the miss of the Americans. He Kexin should not be in the games, and would not be in the games if they were in another country. What a fall.

Nastia. Oh, Nastia. Tears spring to my eyes in the last seconds of competition. So close, so tight, and yet so incredibly fascinating. Watch it again. And again. There's no stopping. She became the most prized possesion of the United States, and continues to lead that pathway. Tall, lean, muscley, and graceful. Definitely the new Nadia Comaneci and Mary Lou Retton. A masterpiece beyond comparison. There's not much you can say about it but "perfect". If the new and awful scoring system had not been redeemed, she would be recieving perfect 10s left and right. It'd be honorary, not to mention mandatory in her case.

Shawn. When you see her, you witness a wonderful event. Her stout figure gives her the ability she needs. She flies quickly and lands thuddingly. Although Nastia lands like a buttefly, you must give Shawn credit for creating a whole to competition to witness. They are complete oppisites, and each event is new, exciting, and defines them quite perfectly. Shawn's Olympics were fantastic. She did a great job, and although handed only one gold medal, just as Nastia, she obtained a perfect rememberance of the experience. Dawned under pressure due to the mistakening Chinese gymnasts, she competed quite well and met up with their height. I do believe she did a wonderful job.

As for the Phelps World Record, I am shocked. Not toally surprised, but shocked at him. He's tall, lean, muscly and eats a million pounds per day. Go, Mikey P!!!

For now, I wait in awe at what the next Olympics will be like.


These girls are, first of all, equisite and talented females. They work for their lives to win that single gold medal, and for some time, they are frazzled and unsure. Their lives must be pretty competitive. But, here's my say to the story: Nastia Liukin is my favorite gymnast. Her grace and dependibility are so unique. USA dominated in gymnastics. Thanks to Nastia and Shawn, they had Germany and Romania rooting for them. Mostly because of those lying, cheater Chinese thirteen-year-olds that struck gold as if they had struck oil. I wanted nothing more than to go hug Nastia and Shawn and say "Great job!" just like the rest of America did. Those girls have what NO ONE in the world has, and they proved it. Due to Nastia's wonderful second-place beam routine, third-place floor, and three fantastic silvers, USA has become national heroes. Not to mention Michael Phelps leading Team USA to the most amazing victories. That last race only depended on whose fingernails were longer. Nope - it's his wingspan. Thanks to gymnasts and swimmers, America is no longer the Olympic laughingstock. We are straight over that! Thanks, America!

Sorry, guys, this blog has probably been the most dormant blog in the history of blogs for quite some time. Our stupid camera is acting very defensive in its case. Here's my list of to-posts, which is all gonna be included (ouch!):

*School, day one
*Brian and Liz leaving :(
*Nick and Heather wedding

Whoa, not as big as I originally assumed, but still pretty large.

Here's the catch: GYMNASTICS.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brian Regan

I must say, the night with Matt, Steff, Michael, and their friends at the Brian Regan concert was QUITE the show. The guy who started before him did a great job, too! It was seriously my laugh of the year. I was hysterical. Even when he's not trying, he's hysterical. We laughed so, so hard! It was probably the funniest day ever. He had somew great new jokes, some old ones, but even those were still funny. His political jokes, his "illegal" jokes, and his classics were the hoot of the show! Thanks for a great night, guys! Brian Regan is a next year must for sure!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics, Olympics

Aw, the Olympics. Getting better and better as the days go along. Nothing better to watch. Since we just got our cabel installed last night, we've missed out on pretty much everything but the opening ceremonies and gymnastics. I was desperate. We went to Kristen's to watch Gymnastics, but got there early and had the opp. to watch diving. Suh-weet! It was so cool to see those tricks. It must be SO much pressure. US was in 2nd, when all of a sudden Russia and Germany kicked them out. Actually, they were tied for first! They obviously didn't think much of it!! Poor Chinese thirteen-year-old girl doing gymnastics did two AMAZING tricks on high bar in a row-- two releases!! In pretty much two half-seconds!! Fell right down. And Nastia Liukin, whose graceful routine was doing great until her dismount, where she skidded back and fell, right in front of her father/coach. Poor girl must have been dying. Tonight I am SO going to dvr Shawn Johnson winning the gold and Micheal Phelps going for it. This is the most involved Olympics I have ever watched (mostly because last Olympics was four years ago and I was only barely eight). But I am going to keep on watching! How about you?

Saturday, August 9, 2008


This was quite the show. Did anyone else nearly die from watching it? The moveable type was seriously one of the coolest parts. I can't believe they were people! I thought for sure it was a timed machine-- even that technology would be amazing. And the green guys that went bright colors. WOW. That was the coolest show ever. Vancouver has a lot expected of them now.

It's Official

We are the official residence owners of the wonderfully tight home of Jerry and Marilyn McGhie. No, sorry, you heard that wrong. We are living temporarily in their home. But personally I think it's great to have a roof to sleep under. When Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Marilyn left, we weren't exactly sure at that time that we were going to be temporary owners of their wonderful home (btw, guys, the new carpeting looks GREAT and is so nice I could sleep on it!). With continuous hours of Psych ahead of us and the great Alpine Days partly over, there's nothing more to love (oh, and the Olympics-- that's pretty great, too!). So, as far as we're concerned, there's nothing else happier. School is just a downer. Shopping is the best. Buying new grocries and some new appliances is so-so. Having to re-clean everything because the guy before took NO CARE whatsoever to this home is pretty sad. But we're still happy.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Silly but cute

Here we are!

Here's a little taste of Reyna and I's summer. Today they are going to Ogden, and I won't see them till next summer. Waaa!!!! But we spent nearly EVERY day of July together anyway. . . It was so much fun! Yesterday, we went to the mall and she got her haircut, and we both got proffesional Clinique makeovers. . .it was so much fun!!

We've been mostly goofing off (doing those funny - but cute - photoshoots and playing around) It's been great having Aleona, her friend from Russia, come stay with us too. Aleona got a makeover yesterday too. It was so much fun!!!

Thanks for the great summer girls!!! Next year, I want to have even more fun (is that possible???)

Backwards French Braid/Side Ponytail

I am a little bit amatuer, because I actually did this braid by myself, but hey it's cute to look at.

I saw this girl at Girls Camp with this braid and I thought, "Oh, how cute!" Just by looking at it, I starting work on it and got in on my first try. It's hard to explain, but if you can French braid, just do that to the side, stop at the end of their head (don't go all the way around) and tie it to a side ponytail. It's that easy!


Lemonade for sale!

Tal and Nate loved making lemonade for their stand. They sold the lemonade in front of the church together. Nate is Tal's cousin. It was so cool to see them! They did a great job. It was so cute.

Monday, August 4, 2008


We are officially DONE (besides the rest of the school shopping, and our mani-pedi date, Mom is over with her school prepardness). School registration? Done. School shopping? Semi- to almost pretty much done. Save the date? Done. Wedding invitations? Done. Aw, what a wonderful feeling. I just need shoes and shorts, and we need school supplies (they won't even give us the list! How rude!) Our registration was the only problemo.

Tal and Ethan were being registered at the elementary school. BAM. Easy. When they finished, Mom dropped them off at Kristen's and we quickly ran back to the school - the junior high, which is right across the street - only to find that our proof of residency was completely unkown. Why? Of course, we are a scattered bunch. In a weird housing situation, we had to call Grandma and ask her to fax a signed proof of residency form. Thankfully, she did and it came in FAST. Luckily, we caught them on their PDay, so they were at home doing what they do.

After a long meeting with the counselor, we were finally done and we quickly ran home. Three trips to the school and back only to get in. That's crazy. And they're only offering French and German. Where's Spanish? But I did French last year, so I did it again. German sounds cool, but it's a lot of work to me. . .I am not the retro type.

Well, that's our wondrous experience. Oh, how we love Timberline!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Visitor Number 100!

I know we are slackers in some sort of attention-grabbing way (considering last time I checked, blogs with these counters have about 15,000 or more) but within the last month and a half, we've grabbed 100+ visitors and stalkers from various places in the world! It's great. I love it. I know we have had more, but I JUST discovered the love from Blog Widgets, and now I am OBSESSED. So, here it is: Visitor number 100! If you are number 100, please comment (unless you are a stalker. Then we don't need your remarks)