Sunday, January 11, 2009

GNO (I really need my own blog)

I got a camera for Christmas and I must say that this is the most fun I have ever had with it:) on Friday me and my friends went to Bride Wars, that new Anne Hathaway movie, and had a great time. Cute, cute movie!
Starting at the blurry picture on the top with the blonde girl and going clockwise, it's Brianne (we were pretending to be like our pretty friend Taylor-Ann whose a model).
Then me and Kaitlyn Peterson. Some of the girls were complaining about a bad smell in the room, and we thought it was both of ours feet, so we covered them in lotion, which only made the smell worse!
The next picture in Kaitlyn Peterson again. Haha! Love it!
Then it's Hannah Clark, whose like my best friend ever. She is so funny. She's great. I love her! And we have the same cell phone so.. call for free!
The next one is me and Kaitlyn Conlee, being the cute and attractive dorks we are taking pictures in the mirror of her hallway bathroom. Gotta love it!
Kaitlyn Conlee pretending to be a model (she's way gorgeous so of course she could be one)!!!! Haha good times!!!
The next one is me.. don't.. look at it
Again, Kaitlyn Conlee and I are DORKS.
and the center picture is a portion of us going into the movie. The rest of us were Cebrina, and Hannah Clark. But they were somewhere else. And we saw Taylor-Ann in the movie theatre and had the greatest time!! Me and Brianne started crying at the end (can't spoil it, sorry!) but oh well. It's all over and I am doing ok :)
The movie was way awesomley cute! I loved it more than anything! I would see it again :) It was funny and clever. I recommend it, but not for littler kids.