Monday, September 1, 2008

First Day of School

Here's what I can do to put in words: great, can't complain, pretty awesome. Walking into my junior is like walking into Lifetime Fitness-- granite floors, glass EVERYTHING, a great smell, and auto lockers. Coolest part - auto lockers. You heard me. Do the combo, push in the dial and WHAM out pops your locker. Unfortunately only a couple of people have these - mostly eighth and ninth graders. I DID have one, then mine got jammed, so they redid the door system...UGGHHH!! Now I have a plain locker. Sorry. It was cool while it lasted. Talmage and Ethan go to Westfield. Ethan likes his teacher, Mrs. Crumrine. A first-grade teacher...with that name?? We said, "Just don't call her Mrs. Crummy". Talmage sort of likes his teacher-- he'll survive the reamining schoolyear. Emma has Angie Murdock for her schoolteacher and she calls her Miss Andrey. It'll work out. So, well, we're set. Love you all. Have a fantastic schoolyear.