Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Okay so they most special day of the year came around. The holiday season opened it's doors to the newly approved teenager . . .ME! Being 13 is beyond the excitement I can bear- being in the midst of parties, cell phones, clothes, and all that cooky teenager crap (I will admit this gate opened its doors to a pretty good girl). I think that the bearing of my age is going to be a good one. But let's start off with the festivities.

When you wake up on your birthday, you are spazzing and screaming and just having the time of your life thinking about your friends at school and their reaction. That is one way to describe a day. But why walk into school waiting for the compliments when you can just run into the school with a huge grin screaming, "I GOT A CELL PHONE!!!" to everyone - even strangers - in your pathway. I like to do things that way. But... in order to run in screaming that particular sentence, you need a phone first.

So, I opened my gifts not being able to BEAR the excitement (I knew I was getting a phone . . . sort of) so I was not under control. My mom had me thinking I wasn't going to get a phone but in my mind I knew EXACTLY what I was getting. I got a cute jacket from China and this one sweat from Forever 21 that my mom got me. Thanks mom and dad! But the cell phone was the thriller. It lay charging in its charger until I started texting - part of the "unlimited" deal. Oh the thought of a phone is great, but HAVING one. . . that is even better!

So I went to school, partied hard, and had a great day with my friends and my cute new locker decor and all that crazy fun stuff. Until . . . someone spilled the beans. I am not telling WHICH beans. You will soon find out.

It was getting late and I decided to curl my hair. Why? Oh . . . because.

My friend called me and said "I have a gift for you. My mom is gone, so I can't drive over. Can you come get it?" So I agreed. We went over to her house and I heard noise - lots of noise. I opened the door, went into the basement and.......


Thanks, Ty, my dear for SPILLING THE BEANS. So I put on my bests surprised face and went on with THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER. My whole school came - well, you know what I mean by that. And everyone was partying like crazy. we had White Elephant, good food, a chocolate fountain (which certain guests covered their faces in . . . on purpose, to prove a point: NEVER bring limitless amounts of chocolate to a party of hyper teens and tweens) it was SO FUN!!! I am so grateful for birthdays.

Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday. Thanks! I love you!

PS my bday was on Friday :-)