Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And the fire burns...

The most depressing day ever was right before the Fourth of July… and I was driving my new car up the mountain (trying to get something to work on it, I can’t really remember why) and looked out from Suncrest to see, right near where my Aunt Kristen lives, a huge pillar of heavy smoke circulating up into the air.  I was in the car with a friend whose aunt also lived up there and had just barely left town, so immediately we turned around and headed straight into the fire---we could’ve easy been two football fields away from it, close enough to smell strongly and even feel.  
This was my first initial view… I couldn’t really believe how close it was and how heavy.  My friends aunt was out of town, so we frantically began loading animals, cages, and documents into the cars.  Fire Safety came over and informed us that we had fifteen minutes.  Scary.

Soon enough, it just turned into a scary mess of red and black.  Luckily, by some miracle, the wind changed directions and shot the flames upwards, and eventually turned them on an angle that allowed them to eat up the entire mountain.  Such a sad day.

So our lovely green mountain is gone.  What an unfortunate day.
Someday, though, it will be back. Ah, someday.

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