Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lake Powell 2012

Amidst my swollen cheeks, some bouts of illness, and the depressed pre-back to school stage, we managed a final summer trip to Lake Powell, our traditional yearly sanctuary (along with 30 people, two ski boats, four jet skis, and a mass house boat).  We’re so privileged to have such awesome family.

Traditional mud baths. Delish. 

Along with Uncle Robert’s creative game of “water gymnastics”, including the event of Slide Landing, where one goes down the fast slide and must stick the landing on the shaky tube at the bottom.   Let’s just say….like in gymnastics…the smaller, the better.

Reyna, Sierra, Caroline, and I. Getting our MUD on.

Ladies…? Anyone…anyone….Bueller? 

We had some trauma on the tube (could be worse, I guess).  But my oh my, this tube hit the jackpot.  It totally rocked and was nearly unflippable (making it the most insane ride of our lifetimes). Woo.

Colton taking a snooze.

All in all, trip = success.  Major success.
Now… time for… SCHOOL.

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