Tuesday, August 21, 2012

July 24th

The order of summer events are going haywire, but of course the only important part is posting it (I’m getting better ;)
You can’t live in Utah without the yearly celebrations of the “Mormon Fourth of July”…aka, Pioneer Day! Gotta love it!

Every year at 7am our neighbors do a giant breakfast party.  Well, this year, it got… bigger than ever.  There was traditional folk music, two or three giant blow up/bouncy houses, a bike decorating station loaded with all sorts of crafts, and dun dun duh duuuuh!….a parade.  Yep, the kiddos did a big ole parade starting from the top of the street, to the bottom, and back up.  I got a front row seat to the event.

Emma and her all time companion, Jaynie

Oh, almost forgot Brother Oliver’s awesome kid train pulled by four wheeler.  What a bonus.

Ethan, Cooper, Calvin, etc… all the neighborhood “blondies” (literally, are we all of Scandinavian descent?) took over the bouncy house.  

Bels in her awesomely decorated wagon. What a trooper.

It was a classic, fun day and we definitely got our partying on!

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